Transportation İnformation

Transportation from Out of Town

Transportation by Air

Since there is no airport within the provincial borders of Manisa for transportation by air, it can be provided with Adnan Menderes Airport in the nearest province of İzmir. After arriving at the Manisa intercity bus terminal transportation can be provided by line 12 from city transportation buses.

Transportation by Train

For railway transportation, when you exit the entrance door of the train station at the manisa train station, you can be provided by line 7 from city transportation buses the bus stop on the opposite side.

Transportation by Subway

For transportation by subway, there is no subway access to our hospital because there is no sunway in Manisa.

Transportation by City Buses

It is possible to reach our hospital with some vehicles affiliated to Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. It is possible to reach Manisa City Hospital with 7 separate lines departing from different parts of the city.